Your eyes will witness a gorgeous spectacle, illuminated by the most amazing combination of shades and colors. Your ears will be involved in a harmonious and fluid symphony, complemented by comfortable acts of quietness and serenity. Through your fingers, crystal clear waters, in delicate flowing stream, will not only moisturize and invigorate not only your body but also your soul.

An intimate contact with the generous nature awaits you in a sanctuary encrusted between the Atlantic Forest and the sea, carefully engineered by lovers of forms. Take a deep breath and try all the pleasures that life can bring. You will conclude spontaneously: life can be Bravíssima.

Inspired by concepts of organic architecture, the Bravíssima Private Residence integrates perfectly in tune, the nature of the habitat. A jewel carefully sculpted to magnify the prestigious Praia Brava. A natural heritage of preserved Atlantic Forest, in the noblest point of the coast. Facing the sea and eternal overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.



In Itajai, beside Balneário Camboriú, there's a paradisiacal Praia Brava Norte, a retreat graced by the freshness of a sea breeze and the scent of flowers of various species. It's immense blue sea illuminated by the golden sunset reveals a unique amethyst green mantle. An spectacle of colors that gains different tones each season.

Besides the splendid nature and rich biodiversity, Praia Brava Norte has all the facilities of a large urban center. A few minutes from Balneário Camboriú and the Navegantes International Airport, combining the hardiness of the untouched beach and the comfort of a complete structure of enterteinment, services, gastronomy and leisure.



Lush gardens, refreshing sea breezes, extraordinary preserved area of the Atlantic Forest, floral scents, natural symphonies in a variety of species: rare and unique experiences. Admired by many, reserved for a few.

From the sunny summer mornings to charming cold winter nights, spring afternoons to sunsets autumn sun, no matter the time nor the season. You will enjoy stunning views and spaces designed for intimate moments with the sound of water and birds.

At Bravíssima, not only the nature is sumptuous, the project as well. Renowned professionals like Arthur Casas, Benedito Abbud and Frederick Carstens knew to integrate design, luxury and sustainability, while maintaining and respecting the natural wealth of Praia Brava.

Apartments. In Bravíssima Private Residence, the large apartments stands out not only for comfort and versatility of it's plan, but also for complete integration with nature. With a few floors, the vertical condominium units allow the sun to privilege the beach until late afternoon. On the ground floor, garden apartments, with their high ceilings, present their residents with a generous view of the exuberant gardens and the large ballrooms, equipped with gourmet kitchen.

Land. In the midst of greenery forest and facing the immensity of the blue sea there is a rare collection of land reserved for large projects of life. A stylish horizontal condominium, strategically divided into 57 generous wooded areas, with all the necessary structure for building luxury and privileged homes.




Av. José Medeiros de Vieira, No. 500. Praia Brava Norte. Itajaí, Santa Catarina.
CEP: 88306-800 - Fone +55 47 3249-1315